Using Rear Camera (If equipped)

About Rear Camera

Turning on the rear camera

When the vehicle is started, put the transmission lever to R position



The rear camera has a wide angle lens to provide a wide view, so the distance shown on the screen differs from the actual distance. For your safety, always check the rear, left and right views when reversing.

About DRV (Driving Rear View)

This function allows you to view the rear of the vehicle while driving through the rear camera mounted on the vehicle.

Operating DRV

After turning on the engine, put the lever of the transmission in the N or D position and press [Camera switch] to start DRV.


If you drive at about 10 km/h or more during DRV operation, DRV is turned off. At this state, even if you drive at less than about 10 km/h, DRV is remained at OFF state.

About PDW (Parking Distance Warning) (If equipped)

This function displays you a warning when an object is detected around the vehicle.


About Trailer View Mode (If equipped)

It shows you the view from each other camera.