Kia Connect

Kia Connect service

Kia Connect provides connected car services, such as roadside assistance and emergency rescue, via the latest IT and communication technologies.

When you have subscribed to Kia Connect, you can access other useful features using the Kia Connect menu on your system.

  • The UVO service name has been changed to Kia Connect.
  • You must be an active Kia Connect subscriber or within the initial free trial period to receive Kia Connect services, including Auto Collision Notification.
  • Depending on the conditions such as vehicle type, system type, and the subscribed service package, available services may differ.
  • The exact appearance or position of the button may differ depending on the vehicle model and specifications.
  • Some services may incur additional charges.
  • Services may be modified, added, or deleted by changes in the company's policies.

Kia Connect services are provided via the mobile communication network. Accordingly, the service may be restricted depending on the mobile communication network condition. Use the network signal strength icon () at the top of the screen to check the mobile communication status.

  • It is recommended to use the service when the number of signal bars in the icon is 4 or more.
  • Depending on the network signal status, access to Kia Connect may be restricted in the following locations:
    • Inside a building or tunnel
    • Mountain or forest area
    • Road close to a cliff
    • Area densely populated with tall buildings
    • Road under expressway or multi-level road
    • Communication shadow area according to the service provider's network coverage policy

You must activate the service to use it on the system. An account with is required to activate the service. When you do not have an account, create a new account to activate the service. When you already have an account, enter the verification code you received from


Do NOT turn off the vehicle when the service setting is in progress. It may cause system malfunction.

  1. Park your vehicle in a safe place.
    • You cannot enter information for service activation while your vehicle is moving.
  2. On the All Menus screen, press Kia Connect Kia Connect Settings Activate Service.
  3. Enter your phone number or email address, and then press Submit.
    • When you have a registered account and verification code, press I already have a code.
    • The screen may differ depending on the vehicle model and specifications.
  4. Enter the verification code you received from and then press Submit.
    • Now activation starts. While the activation is in progress, the system buttons are locked.


Do not turn off the vehicle while the activation is in progress. It may cause a system malfunction.

  • If activation fails, contact the Kia Connect Call Center at 844-886-9411.
  • When your Kia Connect service expires, you can reactivate the service by renewing your subscription on and entering your verification code again in the Activate Service menu.