Useful functions

Using the sound mood lamp (if equipped)

You can set to implement various lighting effects by synchronizing with the playing music.

  1. On the All Menus screen, press Sound Mood Lamp.
  2. Select and then change the settings.
    1. Returns to the previous step.
    2. Can turn on or off the sound mood lamp.
    3. Can select various color themes. Based on the selected color theme, the interior lighting changes its colors in various patterns.
    4. Can select the color of the light. The selected lighting color changes into a soft glow effect.
    5. Can synchronize the light with the playing music.
      • After checking Music+, music is not played back or the light does not illuminate when muted.
    6. Configure the settings so that the sound mood lamp blinks when the navigation system provides speed alert.
    7. Can adjust the brightness of the light.
    8. The list of menu items appears.
      • •  Display Off: Turns off the screen. To switch the screen back on, press the screen or briefly press the power button.
      • •  Reset: Can reset all the settings of the sound mood lamp.
      • •  User's Manual on Web (QR Code): Displays the QR code that provides access to the online user manual for the system.
      • •  Split Screen: Can turn on or off the split screen mode.
  • You cannot manipulate the sound mood lamp while driving.
  • When a door is opened, the light automatically turns off.
  • The screen may differ depending on the vehicle model and specifications.