Basic Controls

Turning the System on

The images displayed on this system may differ from actual ones.

  1. The system is automatically on when the vehicle engine starts.

When the system is on, the screen shows the logo of auto maker and the user precautions.


  1. Press [Confirm].

Press [Language] to change the language of system display.


  • System control is disabled during the system booting. Some duration is required until the entire system features are ready.
  • When the vehicle engine starts, User Precaution is always displayed. User must read this information critical on the system control during driving.

Turning the System off

When the power is off, pressing [1] button on the AVN system long turns the system Off.

Press [1] button on the AVN system to turn the system on.


Sudden high audio volume when the system starts may impair the hearing. Be cautious on the volume when turning the system on. Adjust the volume to an adequate level before turning the system off.

Turning AV off

When AV is On, Short press of [1] button on the AVN system turns AV Off.

Turning AV on

When AV is Off, Short press of [1] button on the AVN system turns AV On.

Volume Control

Radio/Media Volume Control

When Radio/Media is in play, Turn [1] Button to Left/Right to control the volume.

Bluetooth Audio Volume Control

When Bluetooth Audio is in play, Turn [1] Button to Left/Right to control the volume.

Voice Recognition Guide Volume Control

When Voice Guidance is in play, Turn [1] Button to Left/Right to control the volume.

Bluetooth Phone Volume Control

During Bluetooth Phone Call, Turn [1] Button to Left/Right to control the volume.

System Reset

System Reset is a feature to recover from the production malfunctions. Press [RESET] button.

(A pin or clip is recommended to use to press "RESET" Button on the AVN system.)

Type A


Type B (option)


Using Controller

Rotate Controller to Left/Right or use 8-Direction Joystick to switch or select the menu.




Rotate Controller to Left/Right to switch the menu.


Push Controller to Up/Down/Left/Right/Diagonal Directions to switch the menu.


Press Controller to select the menu.

How to Use Touch Screen

Select the menu by finger touch on the front screen.


, Reference

  • Touching the front screen during driving may distract attention and cause a traffic accident. For the safety, use after stopping the vehicle.
  • The menu selection by the touch button is only available on the front screen.
  • Touch Screen Input is not supported at Rear Seat Display (option).

Split Screen

May set contents to display on Split Screen at the right side of Screen.

  1. Press [Menu] > [Split Screen] on Popup Menu in each mode.


  1. Select a desired item.

Basic Controls of HOME Screen

  1. Press [A] or [HOME] button. HOME Screen opens.





  1. Select a desired menu on HOME Screen.
  2. Follow-up controls are available for the selected menu.

Editing HOME Screen

Long Press on Menu Icon on HOME Screen changes the position.

  1. Press and hold a desired Menu Icon on HOME Screen.


  1. After the pressing and holding, Drag the icon to left or right to change the position.