Driver Assistance

Driver Assistance

  1. Press [Driver Assistance] on Vehicle Settings Screen.


  1. Press the desired item.

SCC Reaction

It controls response speed of Smart Cruise Control.

Driving Assist

You can set front vehicle start notice and driving related safety support items during vehicle driving.

Warning Timing

Selects the timing for the alert of the driver assistance system. Select [Normal]/[Later].

Warning Volume

Controls the volume level for the alert of the driver assistance system. Select [High]/[Medium]/[Low]/[Off].

Haptic Warning

Controls the Vibration Alert Intensity of Steering Wheel of Safe Driving System. Select [Enhanced]/[Normal]/[Minimized].

Driver Attention Warning

Sets the sensitivity for the phone call to recommend resting or the alert activated based on the determined driver’s driving condition.

Forward Safety

You can set collision prevention and warning for front safety.

Lane Safety

Sets Lane Departure and Departure Warning.

Blind-Spot Safety

Sets Video Display, Safe Car Exit Assistance, Rear Cross Safety. Collision Prevision Assistance and Collision Warning.

Parking Safety

You can set rear camera settings and collision warning for parking safety.